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Charles Burbridge

charles burbridge, managing director

Charles Burbridge is the Managing Director of Risk Management and International Accounts.  His current role followed a successful period as the International Accounts Director for EMEA where he was responsible for the development of large scale international security accounts in G4S. Previously he had managed large scale US Government contracts in post conflict Iraq.  

Prior to joining G4S, Charles was a Head of Strategy and Credit Review, specialising in distressed debt restructuring in the Global Restructuring Group of Royal Bank of Scotland.

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Simon Carneige

simon carnegie, corporate development director

Simon is a strategy and sales director with extensive experience developing strategies, identifying and eliminating threats, business modelling, and risk management. Demonstrated ability to monitor market entry options, business development and acquisition plans, build roadmap of customer products and solutions, and direct investment plan and programme management activities. He has extensive experience in the UK & Ireland, Middle East, Africa, Central America and Central Asia.

Simon has been employed by G4S since 2009 where he has held several managerial and director level posts. He has experience working in many sectors both government and commercial including ports, aviation, oil & gas, nuclear, transport, sporting events, retail, hotel and critical national infrastructure.

Simon holds a graduateship in intelligence management. He also holds IMO qualifications as a Company/Ships and Port Facilities security officer. He holds behavioural detection officer qualifications from the UK CPNI and a BTEC in humanitarian relief operations.

Prior to working in the private sector Simon served a full and exemplary career in the Royal Marines operating globally in permissive as well as hostile and austere environments. Excelling in the security management of some of the UK’s most secure locations including the Northwood Command Centre and Britain’s Nuclear deterrent.  In 2005 qualifying and operating as an Advanced Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Operator and Instructor in the British Armies Special Intelligence Unit in support of Special Forces counter terrorist operations.

Simon is a member of the American Society for International Security (ASIS) and a Member of the Security Institute UK, (MSyI).

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Dino Bossi

Dino bossi, managing director, G4s Risk consulting

Dino is the Managing Director of G4S Risk Management’s specialised consulting business.  As such his remit covers all high-risk, high-expertise consultancy; G4S’s in-house intelligence analysis capability and our Specialist Training and Capacity Building teams and facilities.  He also handles the high-risk Embassy security contracts held by the business and liaises closely with Foreign Ministries globally.  Dino has extensive experience in manging risk in the world’s most complex and hostile nations as well as in more settled and stable environments.  He has worked extensively in the Middle East, Africa, Central America and Central Asia and in the US, UK and Europe.

Dino joined G4S in April 2019 having been Managing Director of a specialist investigations firm. Prior to that, he ran the global investigations capability as a Director at Barclays.  He has experience working in many sectors both government and commercial including development, financial services, logistics, Third Sector, politics, journalism and defence.

As well as his Batchelor’s degree, Dino holds Master’s in Technology from Cranfield University and in International Relations from King’s College London.

Prior to joining the Private Sector, Dino had a 21-year career in the British Army, rising to the rank of Colonel and commanding his regiment, the Welsh Guards, on home service, foreign exercises and on operations in Afghanistan.  During his service he spent a year as the senior Counter-Insurgency Advisor to General David Petraeus in Afghanistan as part of the Joint Special Operations Task Force.

Dino sits as a member of the Executive Committee of the security industry’s trade body, the Security in Complex Environments Group (SCEG) and is a Trustee of the national charity “Remembered”.

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Markus Frehse

markus frehse, deputy director corporate development

Markus joined G4S Risk Management in March 2012, since fulfilling diverse operational management, compliance and corporate development roles across the business. Initially employed within the Afghanistan business, he provided operational and compliance oversight of diverse and complex security programmes, while working closely with customers to develop innovative and tailored solutions. Markus subsequently moved to the Iraq business and assumed the role of COO, leading delivery in Central and Northern Iraq, while coordinating inter-departmental activity
throughout the country. Markus further drove the operational design of complex security programmes, developing integrated security solutions for a range of multi-national customers, including substantial infrastructure and development projects.

Since 2018 Markus has been part of the Risk Management Corporate Development team, applying operational experience to collaboratively support our customers in developing their programmes throughout the EMEA region. 

Markus served both in the Australian and British Armies and holds an MSc in Security and Risk Management.

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david mitchell, managing director, G4S Secure solutions Afghanistan (SSA)

David joined G4S SS (A) in Jan 2012 and was appointed as Finance Controller; he held this post until Sep 2015 whereupon he was reassigned to Africa as the RM Finance Controller looking after RM interests across the continent.  He returned to Afghanistan mid 2019 on appointment to Managing Director of SS (A). 

David retired from the British Army in May 2010 after 25 years’ service.  This service included operational deployments in Northern Ireland, Falkland Islands, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq.

Upon completion of his military service, David embarked on what has been a highly successful career in the Private Security sector where he has been employed as a Finance Controller in Afghanistan, Regional Finance Controller, Africa, all for G4S RM. David has gained considerable experience in a range of security service provision  including: Static, PSD, CIED and Mine Action at the tactical, operational and strategic levels of the various streams within the industry.  Back to top

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