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Who we are

About G4S Risk Management

G4S Risk Management Group is the specialist protective services business within G4S Limited, operating across its entire international network of more than 85 countries. We help our customers succeed by designing and delivering cost efficient risk management support services and decision support that enable them to prosper. We ensure that our customers fully consider the risks they and their organisations may face, acting to mitigate these risks wherever possible, and providing the tools to fully prepare clients to react successfully to a crisis should it occur.

Global and Innovative

By choosing to partner with G4S, you will be supported by a recognised leader in premium risk security services, providing unique access to international best practice and incorporating our extensive experience in operations in complex environments. We demonstrate our expertise through our innovative and cutting edge approach, including people management, process efficiencies, quality controls, safe management systems and world class technology, in order to safely secure your business needs in high risk environments.

Part of G4S

G4S Risk Management reports directly into G4S Limited. Being part of an international business ensures that we have commercial stability, ethical governance and rigorous quality management processes. Our culture of sharing best practice, expertise and lessons learned benefits not only ourselves but our clients and partners.

G4S Risk Consulting And Management

Mitigating threat

G4S Risk Consulting is a specialist business which seeks to understand and mitigate the threat which the other G4S businesses manage.

Managing risk

Understanding the threat and risk, mitigating the risk, and building capacity are an essential expertise to gain in order to better protect and manage the risk. Read more


holistic approach

Each of our three main business units specialise in answering specific security questions through key products and services providing a holistic approach to managing your risks. In silo, they are tailored to answer clients’ concerns with cutting edge expertise. Clients can benefit from integrating with other services resulting in a tailored solution, designed exclusively for the client.



G4S Risk Management model

Governance, Risk and Compliance

G4S Risk Management provides assurance and confidence to its customers by providing services in an ethical and responsible manner that enhances their safety and security. We operate to the highest standards, demonstrated by maintaining leading industry certifications.

We are a certified member of the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA) for Private Security Providers and adhere to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights and to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Certification and Policies

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Our purpose

Our purpose, vision, mission and values are core to shaping the culture of our organisation, helping to guide, unite, differentiate and sustain us. They are integral to everything we do.

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