Remote Site Support Services

G4S Risk Management provides remote site services and facilities management capability in low infrastructure, conflict afflicted and challenging markets. We offer complex programme management that delivers comprehensive end to end solutions to our customers in remote and high risk ventures. Services include security, facilities management, life support and fleet management.

Complex Programme Management

We work closely with customers to design and deliver life safety and security infrastructure for oil and gas sector, renewable energy sector and commercial ventures in remote sites. This includes areas of post conflict and low infrastructure complexity.

Fleet Management

10 years’ experience of delivering self-sufficient fleet management and maintenance operations in Iraq and South Sudan for fleets of over 300 vehicles.

G4S RM has a long history and demonstrable experience of delivering large scale distributed fleet management and maintenance programmes, for example, through the self-delivery of such services to a 350 strong fleet of soft and armoured vehicles in Iraq. We will establish and operate workshops to maintain or refurbish your fleet assets in complex remote environments, including armoured vehicles.

Facilities Management

G4S RM delivers Hard and Soft Facilities Management Services for clients in environments as diverse as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Sierra Leone. Services in Afghanistan at Camp Anjuman Kabul, include the provision of accommodation, catering, hospitality and compound security for a western government’s diplomatic mission, with similar service provision at our Secure Business Park in Basra, Iraq for a range of large international commercial companies. In Sierra Leone we provide full camp management and engineering maintenance services at Hastings Logistics Base, which is the hub logistics centre for the distribution of UK Aid’s investments and donations throughout Sierra Leone. 

Vehicle Refurbishment Iraq

Automotive Aftersales Services

We operate an international supply chain directly with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) based in Europe to supply automotive spares to markets as diverse as South Sudan, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon.   The primary aim of our automotive supply chain strategy is to offer customers the confidence to predict budget forecasts and equipment life-cycles accurately for planned or on-going investments in transport fleets.

Remote Medical Services

We deliver onshore and offshore medical support and training programmes globally into remote, austere, low infrastructure and conflict affected environments.  Services are provided both through direct delivery and teaming arrangements, and include: Occupational Healthcare; Medical Supply Chain Management; and, Training and Development.  We have the capacity and experience to deploy General Medical Practitioners, Registered Nurses, and Emergency Medical Technicians at national scale into mission support roles for government agencies, multi-lateral organisations, and large industrial corporations operating in remote and hostile environments.  Training courses and modules are broad spectrum and accredited by UK bodies including BTEC and the Royal College of Surgeons, and range from First Person on Scene and Medicine in Remote Areas to Major Incident Medical Management, and Pre-hospital Trauma and Life Support. 

medical training

Remote Logistics (Last Mile)

G4S specialises in complex or remote logistics on four continents including Africa. Drawing on their security expertise and leveraging their established physical presence in over 100 countries, G4S coordinates last mile logistics networks across the globe for a wide range of clients. Our global footprint allows us to deliver and collect from remote locations around the world.

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