Mobile and Static Security

G4S has demonstrable experience in the delivery of static and mobile security services in fragile and conflict-affected states. 

Mobile and static (Armed) security

Mobile Security

G4S Risk Management have a proven ability to provide quality Protective Security Detachment (PSD) services that safely and securely move clients and we have now done so for over a decade in conflict affected markets. 

Conduct of Mobile Security operations includes:

  • Review of Security Situation
  • Minimum Operating Security Standards
  • Prioritisation of Tasks
  • Reconnaissance
  • Mission Planning and Route Selection
  • Team Orders
  • Preparation
  • Client Briefing
  • Mission Execution
  • End of Mission debriefs and Administration
Static guarding

Static Security

G4S has a proven history in the delivery of Static Security services in conflict afflicted markets. Security solutions include the integration of physical, technical and man guarding to ensure layered protective measures that detect threats at a distance, deny threat avenues of approach,  deter potential threat individuals or groups and defeat assailants.

Conduct of Static Security operations include:

  • Security Threat Risk Assessment
  • Client Requirements
  • Minimum Operating Security Standards
  • Comprehensive Tailored Security Solution
  • Physical Security
  • Man Guarding
  • Canine services
  • Technical Solutions - access control and electronic security services
  • Implementation Plan
  • Conduct of Operations
  • Continuous Evaluation and Reorientation

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