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Ports and Maritime

In today’s interdependent global economy, international trade and travel is reliant upon the security of our vast network of ports and the maritime industry
Ports and Maritime

securing ports 

As central hub within G4S, we have access to a vast range of international resources, meaning we can operate both globally and locally. Our consultants understanding of the port and maritime industry is built upon decades of first hand experience within this sector and we are uniquely equipped to assess and leverage our global footprint. This puts G4S Risk Consulting in a position to advise our clients like no other organisation in our sector. 

Our highly vetted and operationally experienced consultants are International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS) qualified and STCW 95 and are typically former CSO/SSOs.

Our maritime security consultants have assisted in developing strategic and tactical security plans including known trouble spots such as the Malacca Straits, the Niger delta and Somalia.

Our services

We provide integrated and layered security plans to mitigate the risks associated with conducting shipping and port operations around the world. Our plans combine technical and physical security measures, crew recruiting and security training and on-going management consultancy:

  • Threat assessments of maritime facilities and vessels
  • Assessments of area to be transited and the additional risks of stopping along the route
  • Piracy & terrorism counter-measures consultancy and training
  • Ship security techniques and methods
  • Delivery of on-board ISPS and general security awareness training
  • Use of non-lethal weapons and self-defence techniques
  • Qualified armed personnel
  • Specialist security equipment including firearms
  • Maritime security drills and exercise management
  • Coordinated command with Port Security Units

    Download our Ports Capability brochure for more details on our Ports experience and our services ranging from consultancy through static security to electronic security services; the full gamut required to mitigate the risks modern Port Authorities face.
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