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CNI Capability

The very nature of CNI determines that standard security solutions are not enough to protect those facilities, systems and sites whose loss or damage would significantly affect a country’s economy and infrastructure. G4S Risk Management, using a combination of organic intelligence analysis, global past performance and highly experienced personnel identify and mitigate threat to CNI and implement physical and technological solutions that ensure that CNI remains safe, functioning and efficient.
G4S Risk Management - CNI Capabilities

our value proposition

Drawing on unique capabilities within the Security Risk Management and Specialist Training businesses, G4S Risk Management combines extensive and ongoing threat analysis with proven, forward thinking processes and procedures that ensure business continuity against constantly evolving threat environments.

Our contribution to CNI does not only involve protection of assets, but also lies in the development of security capacity and capability. Whether this be helping to achieve international operating standards or continual operational improvement, G4S’ expertise lies in close consultation and shared ambition with each client.

Working in tandem with other G4S businesses to also deliver manned security solutions, G4S Risk Management can provide full spectrum security services before and during the project lifestyle, including the provision of in-house enhanced security training, penetration testing and the sharing of best practise from around the world. Using an unmatched pool of experts across the CNI spectrum and with no requirement for outsourcing at any stage, G4S is the committed partner of choice.

Download our CNI Capability brochure for more details.