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Reconstruction and Development

G4S understands that Human Security - the ability of local populations to work without fear and threat - is the only way to enable success for complex development projects in difficult operating environments.
Reconstruction and Development

G4S at the heart of enabling development project success

G4S understands that Human Security - the ability of local populations to work without fear and threat - is the only way to enable success for complex development projects in difficult operating environments. Working with local communities and implementing partners, we have the proven performance, corporate capability and high risk environment experience to provide the nuanced services needed for the implementation of far reaching and high social impact programmes.


The critical path for development is security. Where a project meets the population, it is the people who will secure it. To do this, they need to feel Human Security: community engagement, enrichment and advocacy all working towards a self sustaining and long lasting success.

Security and stakeholder engagement are entirely and inextricably symbiotic; one cannot function without the other – if either is discordant, there will be negative consequences. G4S can provide the integrated and comprehensive solution.

Download our Reconstruction and Development Brochure (PDF 3412.7 KB) to get more details

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