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Intelligence and Advisory Services capability

G4S Risk Consulting understands that in a continuously evolving global threat landscape, the importance of timely information and analysis remains critical to your operations. By providing analysis of current events combined with strategic outlooks across regions and sectors, G4S Risk Consulting can support your organisation as it navigates an ever changing global market.
G4S Risk Management - Intelligence and Advisory Services

our value proposition

IAS will provide you with the insight which gives you the competitive advantage to drive your success

IAS helps you understand geopolitical and security threats and how these affect you. The IAS team is comprised of specialist risk analysts whose role is to understand, analyse and communicate the threat situation in their area of expertise, providing our clients not only with insights but actionable intelligence in near-real time.

Our Services:

  • Global Intelligence System (GIS)
  • Bespoke Threat Assessment
  • Cyber and Artificial Intelligence
  • Embedded Analysts 
  • Whitepapers

Download our Intelligence and Advisory brochure for more information on how we can support you.

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